XLNC 17-37 inch TV Motorized Wall Mount

Product Description
$169.99 CAD
Maximum quantity available reached.

XLNC 17-37" Multi-Directional Live TV Support Systems are a combination of state-of-the-art technology and cut-throat pricing strategy. If you like to show your pride in stature and let the world out there know that you are a cut above the rest, then and ONLY THEN you will enjoy this product in its true form. Just with a button on your remote control, you can physically turn your television UP or DOWN and if you so desire, LEFT or RIGHT.


  • TV Size Range: 17" - 37"
  • Weight Capacity: 40kg
  • Distance to the wall: 250mm
  • Product dimensions: 445x330x250mm
Sku: XLNC-E101
Vendor: XLNC

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