Magnetic Angle Level Guage

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This kit was designed to provide a total solution for satellite television DIY dish installers in completing precise satellite dish alignment and tuning. speedy installation and lining up of satellite dishes. Provides 15V DC power so you can align dish without the receiver being hooked up.  You can also use the meter without the battery pack by connecting it to the receiver.


  • Great product for the Do-It-Yourselfer

  • Easily set up satellite dishes on RVs, motor homes, picnic tables, truck, decks, roofs, or anywhere you want to setup your dish.

  • Make adjustments yourself without a secondary helper

  • What took 30 minutes now takes 30 seconds

Get perfect satellite dish reception in seconds with this easy-to-use DSS Satellite Finder! This tool is a must for RV/motor home enthusiasts who take a satellite dish with them on the road, or for home users. This indispensable product lets you easily make adjustments yourself, without having to shout back and forth with a second person at the TV location.

Simply wire this affordable device between your dish and your receiver, turn on your equipment and adjust your satellite dish until the meter indicates optimum signal strength. What used to take 30 minutes or more, now takes just 30 seconds. Perfect for installing new dishes, or simply making adjustments to existing dishes after windstorms, hurricanes, heavy rains or earthquakes.


- 950 to 2,050 MHz bandwidth

- Pocket size and light weight

- 11dB Gain

- -25 to -75dBm input level

- High sensitivity

- Built-in light for night dish adjustment

- Audible tune-in signal

- Listening to signal tone and changing antenna direction makes it easy and quick to find the best signal reception

- 75 Ohms input/output impedance

- 13-18VDC

- Work with DSS DirecTV, Dish Network, ExpressVu, StarBand, DirecWAY, FTA MPEG2 / DVB receivers,

    plus other digital and analog satellite systems

- Works with C band or Ku-band satellite signals

- Works with standard, universal, and DSS LNBFs (Note: Some other competitor brands do not work with universal LNBFs)


This Package Includes:

Kit Includes:

- SF-10S satellite signal strength meter (same as SF95 but different p/n)

- 6' Connector jumper cable

- Lensatic compass

- 15V DC battery pack (batteries not included)

- Handy lightweight case

- Instructions

Sku: Satellite Angle Guage

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