Ecoda 22 KHz Tone-Controlled Switch

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High Quality SW22 22Khz Tone switch from ECODA with over 10 yrs manufacturing history and wide popularity among the North American & European FTA community. Works with DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell Express vu and all Free-To-Air satellites. Allows you to combine the signals from 2 different satellites into 1 receiver.

ECODA 2x1 22KHz tone switches automatically switch between two LNBs allowing reception from multiple satellites with any 22KHz compatible receiver.

Ecoda 22KHz tone switches are the most reliable switches on the market. We have load tested this switch with over 3 times the current draw rating and hot patched over 1000 cycles, which blew every other of the competition's switches leaving them dead ...... The Ecoda 22KHz switches kept reliably switching for thousands of cycles under this tremendous load!

1. Free-To-Air
* If you have only 2 LNBFs to switch between then this switch is a better option than DiSEqC 2x1 switch, since it switches far more reliably. 
* Allow you to combine the signals from 2 different satellites into one FTA satellite receiver. Compatible to all receivers with 22khz Tone, ToneBurst (Mini DiSEqC) and DiSEqC switching methods. 

2. DirecTV 
* Allow you to combine signal from DTV 101 and 119 satellites 
* Used to connect 2 LNBFs from 2 regular DirectTV 18" dishes or the DirecTV Plus Oval Dish pointing at 101 and 119 degree to one DirecTV receiver. 
* The DTV receiver sends out a 22khz tone to this switch to select between LNBF inputs. 

3. StarChoice 
* Allow you to combine signal from StarChoice 107 & 111 satellites. 
* Used to connect 2 LNBFs from 2 regular dishes or the Oval dish pointing at 107 and 111 degree to one receiver. 

4.  Combining ONE such switches with TWO 4x1 DiSEqC switch, you can connect up to 8 satellite legacy lnbs to your receiver!

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