Duracell 30W Mobile Inverter with 2.1 Amp USB Port

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The Duracell Mobile Inverter 30 is the most compact inverter on the market, providing convenient 
power for all of your mobile electronics. Packed with 30 Watts of power, this inverter is speci? cally 
designed to power and charge a wide range of consumer electronics including smart phones, 
tablet PCs, e-Readers, digital cameras, MP3 players and more. 

Now you can charge two devices simultaneously right from the cigarette lighter DC port in your 
car! The Mobile Inverter 30 is equipped with a three prong AC outlet and an upgraded USB port 
with 2.1 Amps of power. The upgraded USB port on the Mobile 30 has the highest USB power 
rating included with any inverter on the market. This increased USB power capacity is necessary 
to charge popular power hungry devices such as the iPad, Kindle, or Nook. Additionally, with the 
inclusion of a standard AC outlet you can charge any AC-powered gadget that requires 30 Watts 
of power or less. 

Not only does the Mobile Inverter 30 provide premium charging convenience in your car. This 
advanced, powerful inverter features an extremely durable and stylish design, making it an eye 
pleasing addition to your vehicle’s interior. The Mobile Inverter 30 comes backed with a three year 
warranty from the Duracell brand that is Trusted Everywhere.


  • iPads/Tablet computers
  • Smartphones/iPhones
  • iPods/MP3 players
  • E-readers(Kindle & others)



  • Upgraded 2.1 Amp USB port provides the high level of power needed for iPads, E-readers and other power hungry electronics
  • Small, lightweight design is perfect for electronics users who are constantly on the move!
  • Can simultaneously charge two devices through the included AC outlet and USB 2.1 Amp port
  • Cigarette lighter plug swivels 180° to ? t most vehicles
  • High-quality cooling fan ensures quiet operation
  • Stylish, durable case design 

Keywords: car inverter, cigarette lighter

Vendor: Duracell

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