Dual DB4e Combo (Complete Package with 2 x DB4e Antennas)

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Two Antennas Are Better Than One!

This combo is a $240 - $300 value, but you can purchase it for only $199.99.


Combo Includes:

  • 2 x Antennas Direct DB4e Antennas
  • 2 x J-Pipe Mounting Poles
  • 1 x ChannelPlus 2532 Antenna Combiner
  • 1 x 50 ft (15 m) RG6 Coaxial Cable
  • 2 x RG6 Coaxial Patch Cables


DB4e Specifications

Antennas Direct® doubles the power of traditional bow tie designs. A breakthrough in performance and reliability. We have created an antenna the size of our traditional DB4, with the the performance of the DB8. The DB4e is light years ahead of our competition. No other bow tie antenna can match the DB4e's combination of power, gain and value. The new extreme range bow ties - only from Antennas Direct®. The most powerful compact antennas on the planet!

  • Range: Up to 65+ miles
  • Peak gain: 14.5 dBi
  • Front to back ratio greater than 18 dBi
  • Strong performance across DTV spectrum
  • Succeeds in difficult areas
  • All weather Balun included
  • Flexible aiming characteristics, 60-degree beam-width
  • Works great in attics

ChannelPlus 2532 Specifications:

  • Can be used as a splitter or a combiner
  • Bandwidth: 5 - 1000 MHz
  • Splitter: 1-input and 2-output
  • Combiner: 2-input and 1-output

The bi-directional Channel Plus 2532 Splitter/Combiner, 2-Way provides a 1GHz bandwidth and is ideal for antenna and coaxial cable operations. The splitter/combiner can be used to split a signal from a source or to combine signals from multiple sources onto one coax run.

  • Provides 1GHz bandwidth
  • Ideal for antenna and coaxial operations
  • 2-way

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Sku: Dual DB4e Combo

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