ClearStream 4 (65 mi/100 km) UHF Antenna

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2010 MODEL RELEASED... Don't Pay Cable any more, Use this UHF Antenna to receive FREE TV Programs!Tired of paying monthly fees for Cable or Satellite TV?Use this HDTV Antenna to get FREE Over the Air HDTV Signals!... ClearStream4™...


The first in a series of compact, highly efficient antennas designed and optimized for 2009 UHF frequencies associated with the DTV transition.

ClearStream antennas represent a new breakthrough in size and unmatched ultra efficient design and directionality. Advanced design software allows these 20” x 28” antennas to be smaller and powerful across the core UHF DTV spectrum offering consistent high gain. This advancement in antenna efficiency allows up to 98% of the available broadcast signal to actually reach the incoming antenna cable rather than being lost to impedance mismatches. The ClearStream4 Quad-Loop design receives all core UHF DTV channels available with a range up to 65 +miles. They are engineered for extra strength and durability, using anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and are easy to assemble.

ClearStream4™ Outdoor Ultra Long-Range Digital TV (DTV) Antenna

  • Range: up to 65 miles
  • Gain of 12.2 dBi
  • Consistent gain through the entire UHF DTV channel spectrum
  • Totally new engineering for post-2009 UHF DTV frequencies
  • Great for indoor, outdoor and attic use
  • Dimensions 20”h x 28”w x 5” deep

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