CAT5e/CAT6 HDMI Extender (Up to 100 ft/30 m)

Product Description
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The AngelElectronics HDMI Extender allows for the extension of an HDMI video signal up to 30 meters away by using the extender units and two Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cables. 
We suggest using CAT6a Shielded Twisted Pair Ethernet (STP) cable for best results.

HDMI extender is ideal for:
  • Test bench facilities
  • Data Center
  • Help desks

CE-Link’s HCL0101 is a HDMI extender while using CAT-5E cable as transmission media.
Benefits from using HCL0101?
1) The length of HDMI cable is fixed and unchangeable after it is produced. Because the HDMI connector can only be soldered or terminated by professional worker in factory, the users can not reduce or increase by themselves. However CAT5E cables are available everywhere and be processed easily by the user or installer.
2) When cabling in hidden method, because the header of long HDMI cable is big, and so is the cable. So it is not easy to bend the HDMI cable and pull it through the in-wall tube or tray. However, CAT-5E cable has no such problem.
3) By using HCL0101, the transmission distance can up to 30 meters. For general HDMI cables, cables must be customized when the length over 10 meters.

-One pair as a full functional module, no need of setting.
-Use CAT-5E cable to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission.
-Follow the standard of IEEE-568B.
-Transmission distance reaches up to 30 meters.
-Auto-adjustment of feedback, equalization and amplify, the user does not need to care about
  the length of the cable.
-Compact size.
-Signaling rates up to 2.25Gbits in support of 1080P display.
-Each port supports HDMI or DVI inputs.
-HDCP compliant.

China Electronics Technology Limited reserves the right to make
changes in the hardware, packaging and any accompanying
documentation without prior written notice.

1) Main unit NO. 1  P/N_HCL0101A
2) Main unit NO. 2  P/N_HCL0101B
3) 5VDC Power Supply.
4) Operating Instructions. 

1) Connect the HDMI input sources such as?HD-DVD,PS3,STB etc.)
     into P/N_HCL0101A.
2) Connect two CAT-5E cables to both the outputs of P/N_HCL0101A  
     and inputs of  P/N_HCL0101B.
3) Connect the HDMI output( such as : HD-LCD?HD-DLP)into P/N_HCL0101B.
4) Plug the power into P/N_HCL0101B.


Signal Inputs/Output


Input Video Signal

0.5 -1.0 volts p-p

Input DDC Signal

Maximum Single Link Range

Output Video

Video format supported



Transmission distance


Using CAT6 Cable

30M for1080p

Using CAT5e/6 Cable

60M for 480p







Sku: CAT5e HDMI Extender

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