C-Band and Ku band LNBF built in 1.-- (C/KU Universal) LNBF I Best C-Band LNB

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Newest C & Ku Band On The Market For C Band & Ku Band Reception With Only 1 Wire!


(C/KU Universal) LNBF





What does LNB and LNBF stand for?

LNB stands for Low Noise Block.  LNBF stands for Low Noise Block Feed.


What is the difference between LNB and LNBF?

LNB usually only receives signal from 1 polarity (Vertical or Horizontal for Linear FSS and Right or Left for Circular DSS)  A good example of of a LNB is our  

What is the difference between a Standard Ku band LNBF, Normal Ku band LNBF, and Universal Ku band LNBF?

There are 3 main types of LNBF's.  The first is Standard.  Standard & Normal LNB and LNBF's are the same.  They are FSS linear and the frequency range is from 11.7GHz to 12.2GHz.  The second type of LNB/F is Universal.  The frequency range for a universal LNBF is 10.7GHz to 12.75GHz.  This is more popular in Europe and the Middle East because their satellite broadcast within the 10.70GHz to 12.75GHz.  The third and the most popular in the United States for DISH Network & DirecTV is DSS.  DSS LNBF's are always circular.  The frequency range is 12.2GHz to 12.7GHz. C-Band LNBF Single Output , 


What is the difference between linear and circular LNBF's?

Linear covers Horizontal and Vertical.  Circular covers Left and Right.  Circular hits your dish more like a screw that is turning as its coming down. 


Is C band Linear or Circular?

C band, just like Ku band can be either linear or circular.  Most C band satellites are linear rather than circular. 


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Sku: C/KU Universal) LNBF

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