Antennas Direct DB2e (45+ mi/70+ km) UHF Antenna

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Most engineers said it couldn’t or wouldn’t be done, but Antennas Direct® has proven them wrong with the reinvention of the company’s bow-tie antennas, the DBe line. Even though this type of antenna technology has not seen a significant advancement in 30 years, Antennas Direct® has once again taken a legacy antenna design and transformed it into a new, disruptive technology for today’s changing TV audience. The new DB2e antenna offer twice the power and half the size - making it ideal for indoor, outdoor or attic mounting.


The new DBe antennas feature unprecedented power no one thought could be achieved, making it not only relevant but further enabling the trend of over-the-air TV viewership which is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Conventional wisdom said that no improvement could be made to bow-tie antenna design. We’ve ended those misconceptions, finding performance far exceeding even our expectations. We have created an antenna the size of our original DB2, with the performance of the DB4.  The DBe series of antennas is light years ahead of our competition, no other bow-tie antenna can match the DBe’s combination of power, gain and value!

  • Range: Up to 45+ miles
  • Peak gain: 12 dBi
  • Front to back ratio greater than 18 dBi
  • Strong performance across DTV spectrum
  • All weather Balun included
  • Flexible aiming characteristics, 60? beam-width
  • Indoor, outdoor and attic use
Sku: DB2e

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