70 ft (22 m) CCTV Camera Extension Cable with Power with BNC Video and DC Power

Product Description
$15.00 CAD
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 CCTV Security Camera Cable - Siamese Power and Video 70ft Kit


This pre-made CCTV Siamese cable makes CCTV security camera installations quick and easy. The cable comes with both the BNC connector and the DC power adapter pre-installed. Pre-cut CCTV cable is recommended for smaller installs. The cable is for use indoors only. CCTV Camera Extension Cable with Power
This PNP cable made your CCTV installation as easy as possible. Unlike those cheap all in one cables made with telephone wires, we design these BNC Plug and Play Siamese cables to work as good as the professional RG59 Siamese cable in picture quality. We manufacture these cables in ISO Certified facility to ensure highest quality and standard. Both BNC and power connectors are moulded on, all you do it PLUG and PLAY. Note: The color of this cable is subject to change to white without notice.

Sku: CCTV-70FT

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