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X5 LNB Bracket for 24 in (60 cm) Elliptical Dish

Model:  X5 Bracket for 24-ELL
Availability:  In Stock

You can receive satellite reception from satellites 119, 110, 101, 91, and 82 on one convenient dish with this bracket !!!

You can use either the Square LNBs or the D-shape LNBs with this bracket !!!


Super 5 LNBs Bracket for Elliptical dish is also known as X-5 Elliptical dish bracket. This new 5 LNBs bracket was created to use 5 LNBs to a 24" elliptical dish. It canbe use with DirecTV square type LNBs or Dish Network/ExpressVu D type LNBs. It is made of rough plastic, making it withstand the harshest weather. Thisunit has been tested across the USA and Canada and works flawlessly.

You can use this bracket for all or any of the following signals:

- Nimiq 2 (82')

- Nimiq 1/3 (91')

- DTV 1R/4S/8 (101')

- Echo 8/10 (110')

- Echo 7 (119')


This Package Includes:

Super 5 LNBs bracket

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