Angel Rewards Program

What's better than getting great products? Getting great products for free!

Angel Electronics is proud to announce an exciting new program to quickly and easily earn store credit.

You'll receive 5% of each and every sale you refer to our website.

This means you'll be on your way to getting free products in no time!


Just Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. SIGN UP

  2. Create product links with your unique tracking code

  3. Share your links with the world

  4. Watch and wait as your credit adds up

  5. Request payout voucher

3 Easy Ways to Refer Customers:

  1. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to share our products

  2. Email Your Family, Friends, and Co-Workers sales and recommendations

  3. Post to Your Blog, Forum, or Website about Angel Electronics


Terms and Conditions

The Angel Rewards Program applies to all sales made online only (not to in-store purchases).

Credit may be withheld for 30 days to verify that a sale is complete and has not been canceled, refunded, or otherwise nullified.

Orders that are canceled, refunded, fraudulent, or deemed non-valid will not count towards credit.

All credit earned and online vouchers are non-transferrable and have no cash value whatsoever.

To redeem your credit please contact us. We will issue you a voucher which you can use when ordering online from Angel Electronics.

When redeeming vouchers online, these may be combined with other certificates and discount coupons.

All credit earned will be subject to validation and verification at our discretion.

If you have a questions, please contact us.