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3 Conductor Rotator Wire (50 ft/15 m)
Model: 50ft. Rotator Wire
The  rotator wire is perfectly compatible with the Channel Master 9521A rotator ..
3 Conductor Rotator Wire (75 ft/23 m)
Model: 75ft. Rotator Wire
The  rotator wire comes in 75' increments and is perfectly compatible with the Channel Master&n..
3 Conductor Rotator Wire (100 ft/30 m)
Model: 100ft. Rotator Wire
This rotor wire connects the antenna rotator motor drive to the control box. The  rotat..
Channel Master CM-9521A Antenna Rotator Only
Model: CM-9521A Rotator Only
Channel Master CM-9521A Complete Antenna Rotator System
Model: CM-9521A
Note: 3-conductor rotator wire sold separately. The CM-9521A complete rotator system allows you t..
Antennacraft TDP2 Antenna Rotator
Model: TDP2
Dependable and reliable, this is the standard the TV industry goes by! For traditionalists everywh..
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Channel Master CM-9537 Antenna Rotator Control Unit
Model: CM-9537
The Channel Master CM 9537 will replace any Channel Master manual controller or Radio Shac..
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Moteck SG2100 DiSEqC Satellite Dish Motor
Model: SG2100
Brief Description With the SG2100 motorized system the dish moves from east to west to track the ..