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 Dish Pro Plus Separator
Model: DPP Separator
DESCRIPTION: The Dish Pro Plus Seperator is used to separate a single line from a Dish 500 DPP tw..
DGL-2002C dual C-band LNBF
Model: DGL-2002C
DGL-2002C dual C-band LNBF     The Digiwave DGL-2002C dual output C-band LNBF p..
Dish Pro Plus Dual LNB (Twin LNBF )
Model: DPP Dual LNB
Dish Pro Plus Dual LNB   The DP Plus Twin LNBF allows you to receive both 82 and 91 deg..
Dish Pro Plus DPP-44 [Online Only]
Model: DPP-44
DESCRIPTION: The DISH Pro Plus 44 Switch features DISH Pro Plus Technology, LNBF inputs supportin..