Toslink to RCA Converter - Female to Female

Model:  D-TOSF-RCAF (CP)
Availability:  In Stock
Location:  Ships from 3rd Party Warehouse
You can plug your Toslink Digital Optical in and get Digital Audio Coax Out.

This converter transforms a Toslink Optical Digital Audio signal to an RCA Coaxial (S/PDIF) Digital Audio signal.

This converter will allow you to connect the Toslink optical output from your DVD, cable or satellite receiver to a coaxial digital audio input.

This item is for digital signals only. Make sure your devices say digital in or out.

This item will not convert digital toslink to analog mono RCA.

Optical Digital Input via Toslink

Coaxial Digital Output via RCA jack

Simple installation - connect your cables to the converter and to your devices.

Dimensions: 2 13/16" x 1 7/8"

Comes with power adapter. Input 120V AC 60Hz Output: 6VDC 3000mA

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