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High Performance Outdoor Matching Transformer 75/300 Ohm Balun

Model:  Outdoor Balun
Availability:  In Stock
The  outdoor matching transformer Balun is used to connect your 75ohm coaxial cable to the common 300 twin style connection on most outdoor antennas. The  is an industry standard balun which offers excellent matching and lowest through loss.




  • Converts television terminal connection to F-type connector
  • 75-300-Ohm Impedance Matching Balun
  • Frequency 5~900 MHz UHF-VHF-FM
  • Suitable for Indoor Applications
  • 3-Capacitor Circuitry
  • Insertion Loss 1-2 dB typical
  • Return Loss 16 dB min
  • DC Power Blocking
  • Firmly Staked F-Connector to Housing
  • Machined Brass F Connector Port
  • Shielded Housing

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