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We Install HD TV Antennas

For people living in Toronto and surrounding areas, we offer professional over-the-air (OTA) HD TV antenna installation.

What you get

  • FREE local HD TV channels for life!
  • No monthly cost
  • No more cable/satellite/TV bills
  • Receive between 10 and 40 channels (depending on your location)
  • Both Canadian and American channels broadcasting from southern Ontario and upstate New York
  • Crystal clear high-definition picture that is in most cases better than what you get with your existing cable or satellite TV provider

 Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York, USA area HD TV Channels

Nothing to Lose, Lots to Gain

As TV service providers and telecom companies charge ever higher fees, Canadians are paying more and more for their monthly packages. You can choose to do nothing and continue to pay these fees, or you can choose to get an over-the-air antenna to receive free HD channels. This is the first step towards total freedom from monthly bills, hidden fees, poor service, and restrictive contracts. The choice is yours.



Basic outdoor antenna installation for a single house$300
- Includes a powerful 8-bay outdoor UHF/VHF antennaFREE
- Includes antenna mounting hardwareFREE
- Includes wiring for one HD TVFREE
- Includes grounding of outdoor antennaFREE
Basic antenna installation for an apartment$150
- Includes a powerful indoor/outdoor UHF/VHF antennaFREE
- Includes antenna mounting hardwareFREE
- Includes wiring for one HD TVFREE
- Includes "flat" coaxial cable (eliminates need to drill holes in building)FREE
Optional add-ons
Pre-amp "booster" for more channels+ $69.99
Wiring for each additional TV+ $29.99
- Powered amplifier to split to 2 TVs+ $39.99
- Powered Amplifier to split to 4 TVs+ $45.00