Up to 45 mi (70 km)

Up to 45 mi (70 km)
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Philips SDV8622T/27 Indoor/Outdoor 18 dB Amplified UHF/VHF Antenna [Refurbished]
Model: SDV8622T/27
  Enhanced digital performance This amplified antenna offers excellent Digital reception...
Out Of Stock
FOCUS 4-Bay (45 mi/70 km) HDTV UHF Antenna ***30 Days Money Back Warranty***
Model: FOCUS-4HD
 30 Days Money Back Guarantee   If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of ..
Antennas Direct DB2 (30 mi/50 km) UHF Antenna
Model: DB2
Range of 1-30 miles and high gain of up to 11.4 dBi Multi-directional (pulls in signals from ma..
Out Of Stock
Focus Antennas BEST-5200V HD Medium Range Indoor/Outdoor (50 mi/80 km) UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna
Model: BEST-5200V
Tired of paying monthly fees for Cable or Satellite TV?   Watch FREE HD Channels NOW..
Channel Master CM-2016 (35 mi/55 km) UHF/VHF Antenna
Model: CM-2016
The Channel Master CM 2016 is a compact outdoor TV ant..
Generic Compact Outdoor UHF/VHF Antenna
Model: AV-163A
Frequency Range: - VHF: 87.5 - 230 MHz - UHF: 470-862 MHz Gain: 14 dB Impedance..
Antennas Direct V10 Medium Gain (25 mi/40 km) UHF/VHF Antenna
Model: V10
This medium gain VHF style antenna is ideal for locations within 25 miles of the transmitters. It fe..
Channel Master CM-4221HD 4-Bay (45 mi/70 km) UHF Antenna
Model: CM-4221HD
The Channel Master CM 4221HD is a 4-Bay outdoor TV antenna which will receive UHF and HD signal..
ClearStream 1 Outdoor (30 mi/50 km) UHF Antenna
Model: ClearStream 1 Outdoor (C1)
ClearStream’s efficient, compact design offer excellent gain and impedance matching across the whole..
Antennas Direct DB2e (45+ mi/70+ km) UHF Antenna
Model: DB2e
IN STOCK ( Limited units)  Most engineers said it couldn’t or wouldn’t be done, but Ant..
Antennas Direct V15 Medium Gain (45 mi/70 km) UHF/VHF Antenna
Model: V15
This high gain VHF style antenna is ideal for locations within 45 miles of the transmitters. It feat..
ClearStream 1 Indoor/Outdoor (30 mi/50 km) UHF Antenna Complete Bundle
Model: ClearStream 1 Complete Bundle
ClearStream1™ Indoor Long-Range Digital TV (DTV) Antenna Bundle 59.00 -  ClearStream 1 79.9..