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VisionTek 400263 TV Wonder 650 MCE Edition TV Tuner - USB, ATSC, NTSC, Clear-QAM, FM Radio, 1080p, S-Video, Composite, ATI Avivo [Refurbished]

Brand:  VisionTek
Model:  400263
Availability:  In Stock

 ETA ( AUG 31 )
VisionTek 400263 TV Wonder 650 MCE Edition TV Tuner (Refurbished)

Don't miss a thing. With the VisionTek 400263 TV Wonder 650 MCE Edition TV Tuner you can watch or record live TV. Choose between analog TV, free-to-air HDTV and ClearQAM unencrypted digital cable. The options are plentiful, picture clarity is breathtaking and navigating the user interface is easy. Use your Windows® Media Center to play back and record scheduled TV shows. With Windows® Media Center you can take advantage of the built in Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)4 with time shifting functionality. Schedule recordings or watch your favorite TV programming when it's convenient for you. Just sit back and enjoy the show


Reach the Highest Levels of Definition and Clarity at 1080p!
Optimize playback of the latest Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies with the Unified Video Decoder1. Watch standard definition video in near-HD quality at up to twice the display resolution with enhanced DVD up-scaling. ATI Avivo™ HD TV Enhancement Technologies prepare you for brilliant colors, sharp images and smooth video playback on a wide variety of HD TVs and displays. Amaze your senses and bring your entertainment to life with full-HD 1080p with the VisionTek 400263 TV Wonder 650 MCE Edition TV Tuner.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • HDTV with No Monthly Fees
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
  • Watch, pause, record live TV,
  • Fully integrated Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) Microsoft MCE
  • Video Input and Capture
  • ATI Avivo™ Video Converter

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