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ClearStream Micron XG Indoor (35 mi/55 km) UHF Antenna with Amp
Model: ClearStream Micron XG
The Micron XG represents the most powerful indoor antenna one can buy. The engineered reflector offe..
Out Of Stock
Antennas Direct DB8 Multi-Directional (70+ mi/110+ km) UHF Antenna
Model: DB8
  IN STOCK ( Limited units)  DB8 Multidirectional HDTV Antenna WATCH FREE HDT..
ClearStream 2V (50 mi/80 km) UHF/VHF Antenna and J-Mount Combo
Model: ClearStream 2V and J-Pipe (C2V-CJM)
Introducing the C2V! Now with improved performance for weak VHF stations.  The first broadband ..
ClearStream 5 (65+ mi/100+ km) VHF Antenna
Model: ClearStream 5 (C5)
Incorporating the same compact engineering which distinguishes the ClearStream family, the C5 is t..
ClearStream 1 Indoor/Outdoor (30 mi/50 km) UHF Antenna Complete Bundle
Model: ClearStream 1 Complete Bundle
ClearStream1™ Indoor Long-Range Digital TV (DTV) Antenna Bundle 59.00 -  ClearStream 1 79.9..
ClearStream 4 (65 mi/100 km) UHF Antenna
Model: ClearStream 4 (C4)
2010 MODEL RELEASED... Don't Pay Cable any more, Use this UHF Antenna to receive FREE TV Programs!Ti..
Antennas Direct DB8e Multi-Directional (70+ mi/110+ km) UHF Antenna
Model: DB8e
FEATURES The most powerful HDTV antenna in the world-a star is born! With an extended long range ..
Dual DB4e Combo (Complete Package with 2 x DB4e Antennas)
Model: Dual DB4e Combo
Two Antennas Are Better Than One! This combo is a $240 - $300 value, but you can purchase it for ..