ChannelPlus 2-Way Splitter/Combiner

Brand:  ChannelPlus
Model:  2532
Availability:  In Stock

Can be used as a splitter or a combiner

  • Bandwidth: 5 - 1000 MHz
  • Splitter: 1-input and 2-output
  • Combiner: 2-input and 1-output

The bi-directional Channel Plus 2532 Splitter/Combiner, 2-Way provides a 1GHz bandwidth and is ideal for antenna and coaxial cable operations. The splitter/combiner can be used to split a signal from a source or to combine signals from multiple sources onto one coax run.

  • Provides 1GHz bandwidth
  • Ideal for antenna and coaxial operations
  • 2-way

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