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2 x 2 Cross Matrix - IEEE 1284 Printer Switch (DB25F)

Model:  DSS 1284-X (CP)
Availability:  In Stock
Location:  Ships from 3rd Party Warehouse
TechCraft IEEE switchboxes were developed to support high speed, bi-directional communication between computers with enhanced parallel ports and bi-directional printers

Unlike standard switches, TechCraft IEEE 1284 switchboxes are made with special impedance matched twisted pair wiring

These boxes are not compatible with equipment that require printer emulation

For optimum performance these switches must be used with TechCraft IEEE 1284 input and output cables

Using enhanced parallel port on CPU, connects 2 CPUs to 2 bi-directional printers

Recommended cables:
Computer to switchbox cables with 1284 AA male to male connectors
Switchbox to printer cables with 1284 AB male to male connectors

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