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Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Battery Lithium 3V - Made in Japan


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10 or more $1.49
Model:  CR2016
Availability:  In Stock

CR2032  3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery


Perfect for watches, calculators, hearing aids, personal devices, alarms, keyring car starters, mini remotes, and more!

The batteries we have may either be lithium or silver oxide, and come in assorted brands and models, depending on current availability.  We guarantee 100% compatibility.

Note: photo is a representation only. For correct size and type please make sure the battery number matches with the old battery that you are replacing.

Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Battery, 1PC

Maxell Coin Cell Battery CR2016 is most often used as a battery replacement for watches. Button battery cells can also be used in other electronic devices such as calculators, keyless remote entry systems for cars and homes, medical equipment, hand-held electronic devices, and as batteries in cameras, audio books, games, toys, and more.

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