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J-Pipe Satellite Antenna J-Mount Pole 24"

Model:  FOCUS-2024
Availability:  In Stock

J-Pipe Satellite Antenna J-Mount Pole 24"

The Focus antennas J-Mount is a great mounting solution for select Channel Master antennas and other mounting applications. The J-Mount is convenient because it acts as mount and mast resulting in a quick and simple installation. The J-Mount is compatible with Channel Master antenna models CM 2016, CM 3010, CM 3000A and CM 4221HD. You can mount the J-PIPE on a wall, eave or roof. 
 Universal J mount
 Wall, Roof or eave mounting options
 1.66 outer diameter pipe
• Mounting hardware included
 Compatible mount for models 2016, 3010, 3000A & 4221Hd antennas
 Adjustable tilt Compatible with 24" Satellite Dishes

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