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XLNC 10-37 inch TV Flat-Bracket Wall Mount - Up to 55 lb (25 kg)

Brand:  XLNC
Model:  XLNC-W08N
Availability:  In Stock

So, you are always up above the crowds in negotiating the best bargain. Here's another one for you. XLNC Flat Panel Support Systems are the ideal choice for televisions and/or PC monitors ranging between 10-37" that don't need to be moved around. With unlimited applications, from home to the common room of a large business organization, your kids' study room to a multitude of libraries, wherever you need a visible screen on the wall, XLNC does the job like nobody else.


  • TV Size Range: 10”- 37”
  • Weight Capacity: 25kg
  • Distance to the wall: 19mm
  • Product dimensions: 275x232x19mm
  • Interface Size: VESA 200x200mm

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