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Bulk High Qualty RG6 Cable - 75 Ohm, 3000 MHz, FT4, UL-Approved (1000 ft/300 m Box)

Model:  RG6-good-55
Availability:  In Stock

1000 ft Ultra Gain RG6 Cable. High quality UL approved cable with ultra gain for long runs of cable. Installer & dealer pricing available.


Professional grade RG6 cable comes in box of 1000 ft. Plastic spool. 75 Ohm, 3000 MHz FT4 rated and UL approved. 100% Aluminum Foil Shield.

  • Copper Clad steel conductor, swept tested to 3 GHz, 60% Aluminum Braiding
  • 60% Shield
  • PVC jacket and foamed polyethylene 
  • Color Black, White
  • Foot markings on cable
  • Swept tested to 3000 MHz.

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