magicJack GO VOIP Phone Adapter -- Free 12 Months of Service

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Networking Add-On:


magicJack = Free Calls to US and Canada from Anywhere in the World

  • Free Directory Assistance
  • Free Phone Number
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Voicemail & Caller ID
  • Free International Calling to the US and Canada


No Computer Required with magicJack Plus

You do not need a computer anymore, so now you receive as good or better service than your regular home phone does. No more having to keep your computer turned on all the time. You can use any phone—corded, cordless, portable, DECT and simply plug it into your new phone jack in the magicJack PLUS which can be plugged into the wall now. Of course you still have a choice to plug your phone into the magicJack PLUS when you want to use it with your computer when traveling, at a second house, at your business or even your home. Now you have a choice, and magicJack is the only one who gives you these choices.


The Best Call Quality

magicJack PLUS service has received rave reviews and many people think it is the best Call Quality they have ever heard. The magicJack PLUS has added High Definition Voice. Best Call Quality and it's FREE.


Take Your Phone with You Anywhere

Use magicJack PLUS in Hotels, friends' houses, Europe or anywhere in the World. Stop paying for Hotel phones, second home phones or use it at your business. The incredible small size packs a big punch.

Take the magicJack Plus™ with you when you travel outside of the country and you will have free calls back to the U.S. and Canada. No matter where you are in the world you can call the U.S. and Canada for free. You can also consider buying magicJack PLUS for someone you know that lives overseas and give the gift of free calls to U.S. and Canadian Phone Numbers.

$69.99 includes 1 year of service, including unlimited calls to North America.
Additional service costs just $19.95 USD per year (price set by magicJack service provider and subject to change)

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