Inland LCD and Plasma Screen Cleaner

Brand:  Inland
Model:  Inland Screen Cleaner
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Inland Screen Cleaner is a multi-purpose foaming cleaner and protector specifically formulated for use on all types of glass and plastic surfaces: LCD and plasma displays, notebook screens and housing, computers, anti-glare filters, scanners, HDTVs, PDAs, tablet PCs, cellular phones, whiteboards and all other screen-based devices.

Easily removes dust, dirt buildup and dirty and oily fingerprints with its gentle cleansing foam and reusable microfiber towel. Protects and prolongs the life of your expensive equipment by leaving behind a protective, non-yellowing, anti-static and anti-smudge coating. This non-detectable coating resists fingerprints, dirt, oil and dust. For best protection, apply regularly (every two weeks).

14.1 oz / 400 g

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