Dual-Output FTA Linear LNB

Model:  Digi-Dual-FTA
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The standard FTA Dual LNB (DSS Linear, not Circular LNB).



Suitable for existing analog and digital reception
- Various input frequency range and L.O. for world wide market
- Low phase noise for both analog and digital reception
- Superior low noise figure and high isolation
- Voltage controlled H/V switching (13/18V)
- Excellent D.R.O. stability
- Super compact tooling
- Best solution for individual and multi satellite systems
- 40mm plastic cover



 Frequency Range 11.7~12.25 GHz
 Output Frequency 950 ~ 1,500 MHz
 Cross Pol. Isolation 22dB (TYP.)
 Noise Figure 0.6dB or better (TYP.)
 Conversion Gain V: 60dB (TYP.)
 H: 60dB (TYP.)
 L.O. Frequency 10.75 GHz
 L.O. Frequency Stability ?±1 MHz (Room temperature)
 ?±3 MHz (-40
℃ TO  +60℃)
 L.O. Phase Noise -50dBc/Hz (@ IKHz)
 -75dBc/Hz (@ 10KHz)
 -95dBc/Hz (@100KHz)
 Output Power Level
 (At 1 dB Gain 
 5dBm (TYP.)
 Image Rejection 45dB (min.)
 DC Current
 130 mA
 Operating Voltage 11.5~14.0 V    Vertical Pol.
 16.0~22.0 V    Horizontal Pol.

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