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Antennas Direct ClearStream CPA19 UHF/VHF Pre-Amp Kit

Brand:  Antennas Direct
Model:  CPA19
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A Breakthrough in Low Noise & Overload Resistance in an Affordable & Compact Design!

The first in a series of commercial grade low noise antenna pre-amplifiers designed and optimized for digital TV Reception. Offering outstanding noise performance, modest gain & excellent resistance to overload, the CPA-19 is best in class in terms of overall balanced performance.

* For distant towers, outdoor installations, and cable runs over 100 ft


CPA-19 pre-amplifier is a favorite among customers because it offers:

  • High overload resistance for more consistent reception in urban and suburban areas
  • Die-cast metal casing provides superior shielding to minimize interference in signal rich areas
  • Consistent gain (17dB) across DTV frequencies (40-216MHz &400-700MHz)
  • Low noise levels (1.8-2.2 dB)
  • Enhances signal for long cable runs, junctions and splitters
  • Additional filtering to prevent out of band interference
  • Weatherproof housing for outdoor use
  • FCC section 15B compliant
  • Compatibility with any TV Antenna
  • Equipment including power inserter and two, 3-foot coaxial cables

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