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Antennacraft TDP2 Antenna Rotator

Brand:  Antennacraft
Model:  TDP2
Availability:  In Stock

Dependable and reliable, this is the standard the TV industry goes by! For traditionalists everywhere, the TDP2 simplifies multi-channel reception.

  • Unit is dial controlled
  • This unit is NOT compatible with Winegard 8200u or Channel Masters 3671
  • Strong, machine-cut gears that wont bind
  • Brake pads hold firm to prevent high wind damage (tested to 70 mph)
  • 2 synchronized motors give exact degree of station location


  • Fully Automatic, heavy-duty motor handles, large antenna with plenty of torque to break thru heavy ice loads
  • One piece high alloy aluminum construction assures total weather protection
  • Gold, corrosion-resistant coated
  • Holds masts up to 2" diameter

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